10 Fun Facts About Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere

Last night, the world saw the close competition among the contestants of 65th Miss Universe 2016. It was a tough call for panel members to judge the participants who are all achievers in their respective careers. However, taking the final walk to winning the stage was Miss France Iris Mittenaere who has won Miss Universe 2016 competition with utmost grace.

She has everything from grace and beauty and blew everyone with poise, intelligence and charm. Iris Mittenaere is a native of northern France from the city of Lille. The 24-year-old is highly interested in the subject of oral hygiene and currently on her final completion of the degree of dental surgery. Are you surprised yet? If not, get ready to learn more facts about new reigning Miss Universe.

1. Apart from being the dental student, Iris is against new policy on the Muslim ban by Donald Trump and feels that the US should also hold open borders like France.

2. In her spare time, she likes to cook and travel. Her favourite destination is none other than New York. In her Instagram posts, she is seen alongside famous landmarks of Dubai, Belgium, China, Italy and lot more places.

3.Iris believes that healthy eating is one of the thumb rules for good fitness. For Iris, food is equally important as fitness. She loves eating sushi and reveals that she also like to swim,  practice tennis and enjoying adventure sports.

4. Iris also like to give her time for the social work where she enjoys making people happy, Her volunteer experience at Bienvenue-Tongasoa and Les Bonnes Fées clearly defines the choices she makes.

5. Iris is the only second French woman to win the crown of Miss Universe 2017. With this title, France ended the 63-year drought since the last victory of Christiane Martel in 1953.

Post this Miss Universe will be moving to New York’s luxury apartment which will remain her base for all the global development, representing platforms, and awareness for funds for charitable events.

Published by vaidehi on 01 Feb 2017

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