10 Most Unusual Schools From All Over The World

Most of the students across the world have a similar experience at school, wherever they go. Bookbags, whiteboards, homework and a classroom. But there are few unusual schools where certain things are quite different. It can be a bizarre location or the controversial practice, we bring to your world’s 10 most unusual schools.

1. BOAT SCHOOLS IN BANGLADESH: Bangladesh is flood prone country leaving millions of people with no home, electricity and clean water and other regular necessities. A non-profit organisation Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has built schools, health care centres and houses on the boats. They pick up kids from the riversides and docks and begin their classes. After the class gets over, the boat returns students to their respective place and pick up another slot of the students for the class.

2. DONGZHONG MID-CAVE PRIMARY SCHOOL: The school is situated inside a cave in the mountainous Guizhou province in China. It’s one of the poorest provinces in China and receives very little government aid. Therefore, the local community started the cave school in the year 1984 with total eight teachers and 186 students. There are many students who travel almost six hours to and from the school.


3. GULU ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Gulu is a small village situated in mountainous Hanyuan County of Sichuan Province in China. The school was founded in the late ’80s and is only run by a single teacher, Shen Qijun. Shen and his students renovated the school which is still hidden in one of the mountains.

4. ABO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Abo Elementary School is the first underground school in America. It is an underground school that would also function as a shelter, due to the Cold War.

5. TRAIN PLATFORM SCHOOLS IN INDIA: A teacher from Orissa noticed that many children on the train platforms were begging for money instead of attending the school. This thought led to the formation of the Ruchika School Social Service Organization (RSSO) and the birth of the Train Platform School in 1985. At present more than 4,000 students are being educated in India through the program.

6. HARVEY MILK HIGH SCHOOL: Harvey Milk High School is located in New York. The school is named after the famous politician and gay rights activist, Harvey Milk. It was established to provide education to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students who were likely to be marginalised and discriminated against in the normal schools. The school has come under massive criticism by the anti-gay public and has even suffered with various lawsuits.


7. TRABAJO YA: Prostitution is legal in Spain. Trabajo Ya is a school which started in Valencia to teach prostitutes the most effective tricks of the business. This school offers a “basic course in professional prostitution with maximum discretion.


8. WITCH SCHOOL: Witch School teaches its students all about witchcraft. There are budding witches worldwide. While the majority of its 40,000 students take their courses online, it has a physical location in Salem, Massachusetts, where students can also take classes in person.

9. THE PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE: The Philadelphia School Of The Future is unique because there are no books and pens involved while studying. Instead, students use computers. Mathematics is taught with OneNote and teachers use computerised smart boards for instruction. Students use digital lockers that open with the flash of an ID card.


10. BROOKLYN FREE SCHOOL: In this school, there are no curriculums. Students are allowed to pick any class and also allowed to stay away from school if they want to. The students here make the school rules. Some students can decide to play, wander around, or just nap. There are no tests, homework, or grades.



Published by vaidehi on 13 Feb 2017

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