10 Movies You Need To Watch After A Bad Break-Up

There are movies that inspire you, depresses you, or just creates a turmoil inside you. Now, when you are trying to get comfortable after a break-up. Binge watching in your coolest pajamas with a bucket of your favorite ice-cream is the best way to cope up with this situation. We bring you a list of those amazing flicks that you would enjoy watching after an alleged break-up of yours.

  1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This flick is for those who got cheated by their partner. It will help you to laugh at your own personal tragedy.

  1. 500 Days of Summer

It is a wonderful movie that will help you to sympathize with either of the lead characters.

  1. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

It will help you understand that there are moments which stays with you about your ex-partner. This will be a good choice for you if you are kind of depressed.

  1. Annie Hall

This old and classic movie will help you to uplift your emotions.

  1. High Fidelity

This is one of the best John Cusack’s flicks that deals with hardships of a break-up. It will give you another perspective for overlooking your past relationships.

  1. The Break-Up

This romantic comedy will make you laugh and by the end of it, you will get a clear vision of the causes that made this break-up occur.

  1. Diary of A Mad Black Woman

Every break-up flick can’t be funny. A breakup can be painful but this movie will help you to strengthen your personality.

Published by vaidehi on 24 Jan 2017

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