These 10 mysterious places and events in India challenges science and defeats it

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In India, there are places which are full of secret and mysteries, a region where only twins are born, or where guards are hit by an unexplained being.

These all mysteries are there in India, many historical places are spooky, people think that the places are haunted. While experts are trying to find the truth, common people are relating it to ghosts and religious sentiments. And these beliefs are carried on from generation to generation.

We will reveal information about these mysterious places of India:

1. Khooni Nadi.

It is the riskiest river which flows in India, and it is known for killing people. The river is termed as Khooni Nadi and there are reports people being absorbed into the water, but the most important thing about this killing is the dead bodies are never found anywhere. Don’t dare to cross this river.

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2. Kuldhara – Rajasthan.

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Kuldhara is famous for its number of paranormal moments. According to old people, the last residents were Paliwal Brahmins who cast a curse on this place. From that period, anyone who tries to reside at this place has been trailed by many evil spirits. Would you like to live in this town?

3. A drowning church – Shettihalli

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This is something interesting, that this church in Shettihallli drowns. This place might be not that hidden but it is very fascinating. The Church is under the water for months but arises when the water level goes down. To some, it appears spooky at sunset.

4. Dumas beach – Gujarat.

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People come to the beach to enjoy and to spend some good time watching the beautiful sunset. But, Dumas beach which is located in the state of Gujarat is pretty different from other beaches. Many tourist and visitors who have toured it say they have listened to whispers. While some say they have seen spirits walking along the beach.

5.The village which cares for Cobras – Shetpal

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Most of the people in this world fear snakes, especially the king of that species cobras. But, this village in Maharashtra is pretty different. Here, people provide places to the cobras for resting. And it is compulsory at the village to arrange resting places for Cobras. Surprising facts are not bites have been reported yet.

6. Mysterious twins town – Kodinhi.

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This place is the oddest among all the mysterious place in India. This place in South India! It is so mysterious it seized the concentration of an international organization of scientists, which investigated it. According to stats, this place is recorded to have a total of 500 twin siblings!

7. The Ganges – Kolkata.

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The Ganges is one of the famous rivers of the world and the holiest. People worship the Ganges as a goddess. But, the ghats of the Ganges located along Howrah Bridge in Kolkata are supposed to be haunted. Many strange deaths have been reported in this region.

8. Alwar.

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Alwar is one of the peaceful places to visit. But, many paranormal activities have been reported in Alwar district. The Bhangarh Fort is believed to have a secret history and people are warned not to visit the Fort after 6 pm.

9. Mass bird suicide – Assam.

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Mass bird suicide in tribal-predominant Jatinga is one of the ominous incidents that turned real. During sunsets, hundreds of bird are told to descend from the sky.

As the sun begins to set, hundreds of birds are reported to fall from the sky. Many opinions prevail about this event. Many say that birds are killed and they don’t commit suicide. Whatever be the truth, the place holds secret for the visitors.

10. Jamali-Kamali Masjid – Delhi.

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Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali were immersed in this mosque. Paranormal actions have been recorded here. The guests have claimed about being spanked by an unnamed existence. The place is said to be dangerous to visit after sunset.

Published by Ashish Mishra on 02 Dec 2017

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