10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Losing Virginity

This time comes in every girl’s life when you do it for the first time and lose the virginity. There are still various myths and facts that are unknown to most people. Here are some of them.

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  1. The losing of virginity is just not about having sex. You have to get ready mentally for it. It is a feeling of two hearts.
  2. When you are going to do it the first time, you have to take a good time before it.
  3. It is a myth that it will blood every time while losing the virginity.
  4. It is not necessary that it will hurt a lot when you do it the first time.
  5. Even doctors can’t tell that a girl is virgin or not. The hymen can be damaged during exercise too.
  6. You can use some good lubrication to avoid the first time pain.
  7. Most of the girls do not orgasm first time so you should not make it your goal.
  8. The boys can get orgasm very quickly.
  9. You should not get stressed while losing the virginity because it can cause a problem.
  10. The protection is very important. You should prefer condom if you do not want a baby.

These are some considerations which you should know before losing the virginity. It will make your first experience better.

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Published by vaidehi on 16 Jan 2017

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