10 Tiny Things You Should Do For Yourself Now

There could be a huge number of things you wanted to do for yourself, here’s a list of 25 such things which can make your life better.

1.Make short goals: You might want to do so many things at a time and do it quickly, but my dear friend everything takes its time and everyone takes his time within his limitations. Do not frustrate yourself with an overload of unachievable targets. Get down to the micro level and start doing it and this is the first thing to do for yourself make short and achievable goals to begin with.

2.Get rid of those unnecessary posts: You might have wanted to keep regular newsletters and posts from various registration you had, but till date, you must have found them unimportant. So, take actions to stop those and keep your mailbox clean.

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3.Make real friends: Get out of the virtual world of friends who only knows to make regular posts, comments, and likes in social media; rather you actually call and meet them to share a wonderful time in person if possible.

4.Laugh, laugh and laugh: Everyone looks the best when they laugh. They reach at the helm of their positivity while laughing. So laugh with or without reason (or find a reason).

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5.Sit alone only with yourself: Find a time with yourself to understand yourself better and to know what exactly you want. If you are not able to handle any situation then try finding a solution.

6.Make a note: Always make a note either in the morning for what you have to do the whole day or in the night for the same. Revisit it the next day, but don’t  overburden yourself for not meeting any task the same day.

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7.Work Out: Make a daily regime of work out whether you are already fit or you have any medical issues. This could be in any form and for any time like yoga, walking, swimming, dancing or simple stretching at home for say 10 to 15 mins. Do it religiously.

8.Stop Judging yourself: Do not judge yourself for any particular action of yours for your mental peace.

  1. Enjoy all the things you have: Learn to enjoy every moment. Go for better and more whatever you desire but always appreciate what you have.

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10.Say bye to the irrelevant peoples: Say Good Bye to all the people who has let you down.

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Like I said earlier, you do these 10 things religiously without fail and any wait for some good things to happen; you are all done with your warm welcome to a peaceful and healthy life.

Published by Mamatha on 02 May 2017

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