11 Reasons Why the King Of Bollywood- Shah Rukh Khan Deserves This “Title.”

King Khan is not only an on-screen superstar but also off the screen. He manages to win the hearts of his fans with his charming cum gentleman behavior along with his extremely down-to-earth nature. When a user asked on Quora as to how is King Khan off screen, one of his ex-employees replied anonymously. In her brief answer, she disclosed 12 things about the Shahrukh Khan, as to why he deserves the title of Superstar. Here we go:

Generous Gentleman: His ethics are seen in his behavior. Being a superstar of the highest order in this 21st century, he always opens the door for an average female employee like me, and allow me pass first.

Love for his Fans: In-spite being the King Khan of Bollywood every morning when he leaves in his car, he knows a few fans will be waiting outside the gates. But he never pulls up the blinds to hide away from them. He makes sure to smile and wave back, here lies the down-to-earth attitude of the star.

He is a Hero cum Supporter: This small department handles all his charitable work and makes sure there is no delay or problem while providing goods or payments promised under SRK’s name. They also frequently comb through his Twitter mentions to check for anyone reaching out for help. Also, this team doesn’t have a PR/MR manager and thus their activities are hardly ever revealed to the media.

 Man of the Family: We weren’t allowed to cancel or shift his ‘family time’ on his schedule unless absolutely necessary and without asking him first. Whenever his children were in India, a part of the day was dedicated to them and we weren’t allowed to contact him directly regarding work during that time.

 Big time Foodie: We Delhiites are suckers for Sitaram Diwan Chand ke chhole bhature. I had once brought two packed plates of it for myself when I came back to Mumbai from Delhi. He heard my childishly bragging sound near the corridor and told me to inform him when I was having lunch. He said he had not touched them and was craving for a bite. He then actually came to the cafeteria during my lunch break, sat across the table and had all my chhole bhature.

Big Hearted: I once accidentally ran my pen over his jacket worth 11-lakhs. His assistant was ready to rip my throat, but he said it’s OK. He gave me a hug, ruffled my hair, and asked me to be more careful in the future.

 Gem of a person: He does not worry about offending anyone when cameras aren’t around ‘ he’s too funny.’ He has a very sarcastic and witty sense of humour which adds on his charm.

Not only Energetic but also Workaholic smarty: It’s not about aggression as much as passion’ Maybe ye Delhi ka ‘chhora’ still lingers in him, and that’s the reason why his non-Delhi colleagues and media personnel misunderstand him.

Always there for you: Even though he is not in India most of the time in a year, in fact much less in Mumbai, but he was always awake and around no matter what time I reported for work. Our shifts were changed to accompany him, but he was always there. Most important he is always upfront with every major decision-making of his businesses.

Thanks to Thanksgiving got to spend time with my lil one.

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Up- to-date: Being educated, he is always updated on the latest news. Every morning three sets of three different newspapers are kept for him in his study, office, and car. Along with this he also constantly keeps checking updates on his tab while traveling etc. He is a frequent reader of e-books and I often saw him reading biographies and poetry.

Still IN-BOUND : Most of his childhood friends are still like family to him, and they either hold high positions in Red Chillies or SRK is an investor in their businesses. In short he is in-Touch with both of his Family and Friends.

Don’t just work, outwork yourself is what King Khan believes in and also implements on. Stop Wishing, Start Doing is the moto of SRK.

Published by Mamatha on 20 Apr 2017

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