15 Craziest Things That Only Happen in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular and richest cities in the world. Some of the things and their lifestyle are not only dreamy but also out of the world. With so much wealth, people in Dubai keep looking for innovative methods to outshine each other. The photo collection compiled below will make you raise questions about the sanity of Dubai people. Here are 15 crazy things that only happens in Dubai. Take a look!

1. Fluffy Dangerous Guard.

2. Another Level of Pet Kitty

3. Exotic Dinner For their Exotic Pets

 4. Don’t Mind This Exclusive Parking For Their Camels

5. Traffic Jam of their Super Cars

6. Arab Anti-theft System

7. Lamborghini Police Car. That’s Right!

8.  New Way of Surfing With Oars

9. Appetite For Bigger Things Specially Cars

10. Their Emergency Vehicle.

11. Mobiles Worth Double your House

12. A high-rise Tennis court. This is Unbelievable

13. Feeling Poor? Come and Help Yourself

14. Gold ATM! Ever Seen Anywhere Else?

15. Where Would You Find Such Immense Love For Gold?

No doubt why Dubai is one of the must-visit destination in the world. If you wish to see the luxury at it best, Dubai is the place to witness all that crazy jazz!

Published by vaidehi on 21 Feb 2017

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