15 Signs Proving He’s Seriously In Love With You

Do you ever think about, ” is he seriously in love with you?” It’s very easy to develop feelings for a person you decide to date but then it’s difficult to understand of he is also on the same page. Boys don’t tend to express a lot but they do small- small things when they include you as a permanent member of their life.

We bring you 17 signs to find out if he’s getting serious about you:

  1. Respects Your Opinions: He often includes you in regular decision making situations and remember well whatever you suggest and also consider your advice.
  2. Honesty & Transparency: A man who is serious for you will put everything on the table and will ensure that he does not mess up things with you. He clearly tells you about his past and includes both good and bad aspects of it.
  3. Excited About You When You are Away: If his friends tell you that he just can’t stop talking about you, it’s a good sign because he may start developing serious feelings for you.
  4. Wants to Know You Deeper: When you talk to him he actually listen to you about your life, your childhood and career. He doesn’t judge you for anything you share. When you talk to him about something important, he will ask you how it went.
  5. He Puts Away All The Old Flames: A person who wants to build a future with you will cut off all the exes and flings. He will focus on you and will not allow someone else to ruin your relationship.


  6. Make Plans With You: If he likes to plan his outings, holidays with you and always stick to them, it’s a positive sign. He does not disturb you at the midnight just for a hookup but genuinely feels.
  7. Introduced You To His Close People: He has no issues about introducing you to his friends and family. He likes to show you off and is not afraid of his friend’s reactions to you.
  8. Looks For Ways To Include You In His Interest: Nothing gives him more happiness than bonding with you over his hobbies and activities such as tennis, golf, old cars and refurbishing. He finds a way to include you into it.
  9. Try to put an impression on your people: When a man wants you to be with you for a long term, he will put efforts to know the important people in your life and will make his impression as well.
  10. Makes a special spot for you in his house: When he wants you to be the part of his life, he creates a space for your bag, your toothbrush. If he is creating that space for you, then you should know that he is smitten by you already.


  11. He Waits for Intimacy and Lets You Start It: Even if he was a flirt and a player in his past, he will be okay taking it slow with you. There won’t be any pressure on you to hop in the bed because he values your company than just a sexual encounter.
  12. Care About Your Happiness: When you are in need, he is your guy. He is interested in making you smile with anything and everything he can.
  13. Regularly Initiates The Contact With You: He calls you, text you and keep in contact with you that confirms that he is thinking about you.
  14. Together Time is Carefree and Easy: You both have fun together and the conversation between you are not forced and difficult. He put efforts to make easy interactions.
  15. He is Quite Punctual and Apologise for the Delay: He doesn’t let you hanging in the middle. If he gets late for any reason, he always apologises and tries to make it up.
Published by vaidehi on 21 Feb 2017

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