20 Valentine’s Day Charts That Any Nerd Will Find Romantic

There are different traditional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You either plan an outing or date with your loved one to your favourite restaurant. You gift them roses, some chocolate or may be a loving card for expressing your love. Lately, the internet is trending with romantically nerdy Valentine’s Day custom charts to let your special someone know how much you care. So why not send one of these charts to your special someone, or come up with your very own customised chart?

  • Look, we’ve all got needs.
  • And hopefully, your partner will meet most of your needs.
  • But despite all the imperfections, you still think they’re A+.
  • Especially when you get on each other’s nerves. It’s like a patience exercise.
  • SUPER cheesy.
  • Out of anywhere you could be in the world, you would rather be with them.
  • Even when you’re not with them, they’re on your mind.
  • Every day is a bit more bearable when it’s with someone you love. Plus, you always have someone to rant about your day to.
  • Because when you’re in love, your partner can still make your heart skip a beat.
  • The key is to not take your partner for granted.
  • It’s the same old, same old, but way better. Eat, cuddle, sleep, repeat.
  • Relationships also require prioritisation. Seriously a big deal.
  • Relationships take a lot of trusts. Not even my mum knows all of my passwords.
  • Finding the perfect thing to do on Valentine’s Day can be a challenge.
  •  It’s not always easy to come up with a gift for someone.
  • They say that love completes you. Even if you didn’t realise you felt incomplete before.





Published by vaidehi on 13 Feb 2017

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