35 YO hangs himself after being assaulted and forced to lick spit

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As per latest reports, a man 35-year-old man allegedly killed himself by hanging himself in Mumbai.

The report added that the vegetable Kasim Shaikh did suicide after four persons including Ismail Shaikh (47), Akbar Shaikh (35), Karia Pavse (35) and Afzal Qureshi (44) assaulted him and also forced the man to lick a shoe on which one of the four had spit.

The police officials stated that that Kasim was attacked in the presence of others by them at a market in South Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade region on Feb 09 night over some private hostility.

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Not capable of bearing disgrace, Kasim hanged himself at his home.

In his suicide letter, the deceased blamed the four males, accompanying which they have been detained. The charged have been arrested for abetment of suicide. Police officials stated that the accused males are dwellers of slum areas in Cuffe Parade.

All 4 allegedly attacked Shaikh on Feb 09 and he killed himself at his house on Feb 10 morning as he was not capable of bearing the disgrace.

Kasim Shaikh was aiding his brother with his veggie stall.

Shaikh was assisting his brother Iqbal to close up their veggie booth when the four charged and two others started a clash with Shaikh.

When Kasim’s brother, Iqbal, interfered, they began to attack Iqbal, after which the Shaikh brothers filed a police complaint against the males for attacking and embarrassing them.

But, next morning Shaikh’s nephew saw him hanging from the ceiling.

All four persons including Ismail Shaikh (47), Akbar Shaikh (35), Karia Pavse (35) and Afzal Qureshi (44)  were booked by the police officials under the Indian Penal Code section 306 (abetment of suicide), the official stated, adding that an investigation was in progress.

Published by Mamatha on 13 Feb 2018

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