These 5 Apps Can Act As A Savior For Every Women

Technology is progressing every passing day and so are the humans. There won’t be a single human on this earth who is not dependent on technology to make their life easy. Smartphones have become a necessity these days as they help us out in many ways. People are using these high-end techno gadgets to the fullest and enjoying all the benefits. Now-a-days, there is an app for everything we can’t even imagine of. And trust me at times they are very useful.

We have seen kids and youngsters using various apps for playing games and other things. But apart from all these, there are apps which can be extremely useful for women and every woman should have them in their smartphones as they can be your savior. Check out the list here:

  1. Clue

I know, you must be thinking what kind of name is this, right? Well, this is an extremely useful app which every woman should use as it a period tracking and fertility app. Surprised, isn’t it? All women experience this and it helps you to prepare for your next period cycle and also understand your mood swings.

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  1. Yummyly

Cooking is a major part of women’s life and with this super cool app; you can find lots of recipes as per your requirements. It caters as per your specific needs and provides satisfying solutions. For instance, you wish to have a dish full of fats, but a healthy one then yummyly is there for you.

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  1. VithU

This is a safety app which comes at your rescue during emergency and unforeseen circumstances. The customized message like “I am in danger” is sent to the emergency contacts in phone list with an updated location. Apart from this, the app also gives you various self-defense and safety tips to handle such situations.

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  1. Beautiful Me

Do you wish to look beautiful all the time? Then Beautiful Me is for you. Women often buy beauty products to enhance their looks. But sometimes they tend to buy products which don’t suit their skin. Well, then here’s a solution. This app has a facial recognition kind-off technology which helps you to detect your skin tone and other features. Now you can accordingly choose products.

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  1. Depop

Depop is a shopping app where you can buy latest products just buy one click. It is easy and convenient and hassle free. The other benefit of this app is you can also sell products over here.

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Published by Harmisha Chauhan on 12 Jul 2017

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