5 Things A Child Learns While In The Womb

While mothers wait for nine months to get the glimpse of their child, it’s not that babies are just growing inside and waiting to be born. He is acquiring and developing important skills to adjust comfortably once he is outside. The research has been pretty compelling and here are six things that a child learns inside the mother’s womb.

  • Sounds: During the last trimester of pregnancy, babies start to react to noise and sounds. The baby also gets to hear the flow of his mother’s blood, the burps and stomach gurgles. The baby’s start to react to certain sounds and can change their position also. The sound of the mother is very clear to the baby that’s why it’s the first sound he recognises after the birth. It is also said that babies show likeability to music and songs that mothers hear during their pregnancy and have calming effect on babies while growing up.


  • Language: Within 10 weeks of pregnancy, babies also start to absorb the language spoken by the mother.  They can distinguish between the style of talking of their mothers as compared to other which still appears to be rambling to the baby.  Hence, pregnant women are usually advised to talk to their bellies, no matter what.


  • Dark and Light: Till the seventh month of gestation, baby’s eyes remain closed. though there isn’t much to see but once the eyes of the fetus are open, the little flicker also surprises the little one. If you flash a light on your belly, you can feel the movement. They also blink their eyes inside the womb making them ready to face the world.

  • Taste: During the 7th and 8th week of pregnancy, fetus develop the taste buds and he is able to taste sweet, sour, bitter flavours of the amniotic fluid. Limited intake of flavours will also limit the choice of food baby would take after the birth.

  • Smell: Baby can also smell all the aromas and spices that you take during pregnancy through the amniotic fluid. The fluid helps babies to breathe inside the womb. This sense of smell inside the womb also helps them identify their mothers.

Published by vaidehi on 18 Feb 2017

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