6 Habits that Damage Our Health without Us Even Knowing

6 Habits that Damage Our Health without Us Even Knowing

Usually, people make use their habits in everyday life. People become quite accustomed to some habits and it becomes tough for the people to quit them. The habits that you follow might become harmful for your health sometimes. As a result, you will become sole responsible for damaging your health. Here, in this post, we have come up with a list of some habits that could eventually damage your health even without knowing.

  1. Cross Legs

There are several studies that says sitting with your legs in a cross manner will ultimately in different ailments like hypertension, varicose veins and nerve damage.

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  1. Less Quality Sunglasses

While manufacturing the sunglasses, the makers will make use of cheap quality plastic for protecting the eyes of people from the ultraviolet rays. When you wear such cheap quality glasses in the bare sunlight, it could damage your health like burning of the retina within your eyes. The shading through these glasses will make the pupils of the eyes dilate. Apart from this, it absorbs an additional dose of ultraviolet rays to your eyes. The excess Ultraviolet rays may lead to cataracts, eye damage and ultimately result in cancer.

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  1. Hot Water Treatment

Sometimes, people will apply cold water or hot water cloth at the spot where they feel quite painful. In order to relieve their pain, we usually place hot water bags at the spots. But, it leads to bleeding in the abdomen and it turns out to sprain or injury.

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  1. Consuming food at work desk

It is quite dangerous for people who consume food at their workplace. This is because; tons of bacteria accumulate at your workplace. It is not good for digestion of people.

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  1. Sitting Posture

People must sit in a right posture at the time of working. The right posture means that placing all your organs in a symmetrical position. You need to take good care of your spinal cord by adjusting the office chair. While sitting on the seat, you must not cross your legs as it could obstruct the circulation of blood.

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  1. Sleeping on stomach

Most of the people assume sleeping on stomach in a better position. The habit of sleeping on stomach could lead to different health problems. It prevents the diaphragm of the body from moving in a free manner. You could get back pain and lung diseases as well. In the long run, it could eventually lead to nerve damage and other heart problems.

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Published by Mamatha on 02 May 2017

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