7 Heart Attack Signs That Can Protect Your Life In The Time Of Need

Heart attack is becoming one of the most common diseases among human beings in today’s world. Many people die because of sudden heart attacks and most importantly not knowing how to deal with it. There are some early signs of the heart attack which should be given greater importance to if you want to save your life. Some of these signs are listed as under:

1. A frequent cough and cold: If you are suffering from a cough and cold frequently, then this could be one of the signs of heart attack. The body is losing its immune system to fight against the disease.

2. Feeling uneasiness in the chest: Sometimes people feel a slight kind of the pain in their chest and this makes them feel uneasy. This could be another sign of heart attack.

3. Heavy breathing and it gets difficult: Sometimes people are not able to breathe properly and they need some kind of inhaler to breathe, then this is not a good sign. It means the heart is getting weaker day by day.

4. Feeling extremely tired: Most people feel tired without doing any kind of heavy work. This sign is not good at all as people can’t work for longer hours and they feel tired easily.

5. Body ache continuously: This is another early symptom of heart attack. Even if you don’t work continuously, there is continuous body ache and it pains real bad.

6. Feeling dizzy and cold sweat: Most of the times many people feel dizzy and they feel as if they are going to faint and they might also have cold sweats. This is a clear sign of heart attack.

7. Xanthelasma occurs near the eyelids after the age of 40: Xanthelasma is the swelling of the skin near the eyelids and when someone has it after the age of 40, this might be a reason for heart attack.

Published by vaidehi on 09 Feb 2017

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