7 Signs of Depression You Should Not Avoid

Depression is a silent killer, a slow poison that eats up a person and pushes that person towards darkness. Sometimes, a depressed patient would act as normal as others but there is a turmoil going inside him/her. Believe it or not, not many people are aware of this medical condition. In fact, a few of the times, the patient himself is unaware of being under depression. Detection of depression is not impossible if you keep your eyes open. We bring you the 7 signs of depression that might help you to understand if any of your loved ones is suffering from depression.

  1. Loss of appetite

A person struggling with depression might feel a loss of appetite. A major fluctuation in appetite is one of the signs that your friend or your loved one is under depression.

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  1. Body ache

A person going through depression used to feel more of body aches, especially stomach pain, headache, back pain, or muscle pain. This unexplainable body ache will add up to the sadness of the patient.

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  1. Tiredness

Mental stress leads to a feeling of tiredness. A feeling where the patient lose energy very frequently.

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  1. Anti-social  tendency

A depressed person tries to isolate himself/herself from the family members or friends. He/she will not take any initiative to mingle with people around them.

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  1. Negative Vibes

A person who is feeling depressed usually talks very negatively. They would have a lot of demotivating opinions about others.

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  1. Self-worthlessness issue or guilt

Depression worsens itself when the patient’s thinking surrounds around some guilt. Or when the feels worthless about himself/herself.

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  1. Memory issue

A person undergoing depression starts losing his/her focus on work. Sudden memory issue occurs.

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Published by vaidehi on 27 Jan 2017

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