A driving school in China made students put their phones in Line to practice “Reversing”

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We are going to tell you some unconventional teaching ways that only professionals can try! A driving school in China has found an innovative way of making sure their students take their lessons very, very seriously.

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How had they done it? By putting their smartphones on the line. Literally…

A driving school in the city of Dezhou in eastern China’s Shandong region made their students place their mobile phones on the solid yellow line marking out the parking spots. Then the students were then asked to practice reversing into the parking spot.

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As per reports, “If the driver made a mistake, it was bye-bye smartphone”.

According to local media reports, the driving school’s instructor said that it was the students who came up with this idea and everyone agreed to take part. The driving instructor said he found it to be an effective method as students definitely were forced to be more cautious.

Take a look at the video, you’ll understand:

This video was posted by Shanghaiist on YouTube shows students giggling nervously as they start handling their cars. Even a phone was about to crash but the student had somehow managed to not to crash.

And the good news is no phones were reported destroyed during the unconventional driving lesson. Well, we should also try this!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 15 Apr 2018

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