Actress Angela Sarafyan Wears a Broad Slit Gown And Gets Trolled On Twitter Badly

The popular Hollywood Actress Angela Sarafyan wore a strange outfit and she completely trolled by Twitterati’s with funny Memes. After looking at the outfit of the actress, the people on Twitter started trolling her badly with their memes. As we all know, Angela Sarafyan plays the role of a prostitute in a popular TV series namely Westworld. During an event, the actress wore some peculiar dress and caught the attention of every single spectator.

Just have a glimpse at the attire that the actress wore for the event. The dress comes with wide cuts on the sides. Immediately, Twitter, the popular micro-blogging website started to burst out with myriad of comments on that particular dress. Before giving it a read, you need to make sure that all these tweets are not for insulting the woman or particular attire. All the readers must try to maintain some veracity upon reading the comments given below. Have a look!

  1. Looking for a Dress that fits both Seasons

Just have a look at the outfit quite perfect for both summer and winter season. Here is the comment or tweet about the dress on Twitter:

“When you can’t decide whether to dress for winters or summers”

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  1. Fans of Sunny Leone

The case when people are from a conventional family yet they are huge fans and followers of the popular porn star turned actress Sunny Leone.

“When you come from a traditional family and a big fan of Sunny Leone at the same time”

  1. LOL

Mahatma Gandhi just wore Khadi clothes all through his life. Some of them commented that she is an apt follower of Mahatma Gandhi for wearing such outfit.

“A true follower of Mahatma Gandhi”

  1. Hurry turned out to be Messy

“Master ji, dress ban gayi?”

“Madam, cutting kardi hai, bas sewing karni hai”

“Aise hi de do, der ho rahi hai”

  1. Design of Bikini from BC

“Old picture from 1300 BC. When they were still figuring out how to design a bikini”

  1. Absolute statement

*Statue of poverty*

This way, the people of Twitter had trolled the actress Angela Sarafyan with their memes and tweets.

Published by Mamatha on 06 Mar 2017

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