Alcohol ban in Bihar succeeds as women warn, ‘behave, or we’ll get tough’

This Saturday, many women came out of their houses with the brooms in their hands in a village where a liquor shop owner was thrown out of the village and seized buckets of fruit juices that are being fermented into cheap liquor.  The women sensed the smell of the liquor in a cornfield and found out vast amounts of buried fruit juice buried in the ground and guarded it safely until the police arrived.

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This incident took place in a village in Bihar.  The women in the village who were vexed with the liquor shops have taken the law into their hands and later reported the issue to the police. Bihar is one of the poorest states in the country with a per capita income of less than $699.  Most of the men in the state pour out their wages on the liquor, which made the women of the houses’ take this step.

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Raj Kumar Prasad, Chief of the Halsi Police Station said it was acceptable norm to be drunk.  The villagers and authorities say that the crime rate was noted remarkable low and the earnings were mostly going towards useful things.  They also said that the severe penalties for the sale and consumption of alcohol worked really well.

Alcohol Ban in Bihar Succeeds

The credit of all this was given to the women of Bihar.  It all started couple of years back when Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar was in combat with BJP to win the elections.  While he was addressing a meeting, a woman approached him and asked to ban the alcohol.  The one thing he said in response is “if I get elected, I will ban alcohol.”

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He got elected in the elections with bumper majority and he imposed strict laws and rules against alcohol consumption in the state like 7 years for drinking alcohol and life in prison for making it.

The law was enforced in levels starting in rural areas.  Women played a key role in achieving the ban.  The Kumar government has arranged hotlines and email accounts through which hundreds of complaints flowed in, said Alok Raj, additional director general of police.

The crime rate that is calculated by murders, robberies and other small crimes have come down by 20 percent compared to last year.  The tragic accidents came down to 10 percent after implementation of strict ban.

Published by Mamatha on 18 Apr 2017

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