Anand Sheela; the most controversial women and Osho’s Former secretary

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Anand Sheela is one of the most complex and provocative antagonists

The Netflix popular site has recently released a show “Wild Wild Country” which is based on a true intriguing documentary of Osho’s controversial sex cult. This show got very popular and has managed to bring in the details of good and evil, intolerance and other aspects. With the show, the focus came on Anand Sheela, who was at once was the one-time personal secretary of the religious guru, Osho. Sheela is an Indian by birth but currently lives in Switzerland.

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Anand Sheela was born in Gujarat and she met Osho where her journey took a new turn. She described her first meet with Osho as a transformational experience and also mentioned that even if death came to her, she is all ready to embrace it with no second thoughts. Very soon, Sheela ranked in good books among the disciplines of Rajneesh. She had a controlling nature and would do anything to get out the control of people.

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Following the devotee Ma Prem Sunshine, she started using drugs because she used to feel that Osho was giving more importance to her. This was something very shocking. Sheela used to drug people whom she was jealous of. Later, she also was involved with Rajneesh by owning a hotel together. In the year 1984, Sheela gathered 1000’s of homeless people and registered them as voters in order to win the Wasco County elections.

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Runs a house for old and disabled in Switzerland today!

Not stopping here, Sheela was also found among the lead architect indulged in the single bioterror attack in the US in the year 1984. More than 10 restaurants and salad bars were infected with salmonella by Rajneesh and this incident made almost 750 people’s lives in danger.

The entire plan was scheduled in order to get the voting in favor in that particular area. She was arrested on 2nd July 1985 and was sentenced to 20 years jail.  Today, the controversial lady Sheela lives in Switzerland and runs a house for old and mentally disabled.

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To describe Sheela in her journey, she was the painted physic killer, insidious charmer and strong women who very well controlled her empowerment. The entire journey of Anand Sheela is essayed in the show Wild Country. If you haven’t watched the show on Netflix yet, then you should do it right away as you are really missing out an interesting story.

Published by Mamatha on 16 Apr 2018

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