ANT-MAN – Grandeur Miniature Grandeur

Posted on July 24, 2015 at 5:18 PM

ANT-MAN – Grandeur Miniature Grandeur

ANT-MAN – Grandeur Miniature Grandeur

Marvel brings you yet another Super Hero high on imagination high on execution. It is just not super Hero it’s the super team that gets on mission and gives you the amazing experience.


The story isn’t much complex pretty much simple Good Vs Bad. It’s a tale not so fairy yet fun.  A regular guy Paul Rudd is being picked by Michael Douglas for a task Douglas wants to achieve. How an ordinary guy is being hooked and shines marvelously is something to look forward to in Antman.


Antman is a story of an ordinary guy who robs here and there is being eyed to do the big robbery as he has what it takes to be there. He is framed to rob a jacket and this is where an ordinary guy experiences the great ride converting into an ant with super strength super powers. This is the first encounter of the Antman you come across nearly after 30 minutes or so. Since it is the first Antman’s offering they take a while for the build-up; nearly first half is where build up takes place. Once it is there ants move real fast.



Peyton reed the director succeeds in keeping it engaging and entertaining. The so regular guys Paul’s friends are fun to watch where they narrate some real cool stuff bringing in some good laughs. It has it all a bit of action, bit of emotion, lot of imagination and some great execution. Thrilling experiences from grandeur to miniature and grandeur again. Great performances indeed makes an Antman a must watch.


3D effects are rare and probably wouldn’t make much difference in watching any 2D or 3D unless you watch it on a big screen. Go for it. And do not leave the theatre until the end credits to take a glimpse of the next one.


Rating :GOLD****

-by Prakash Khetpal.

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