Beggar Once Again Proves Fathers are ever best – Here is the complete story!

Usually, people wish to have an extensive range of outfits for different occasions. People will pick the attire based on the occasion or the event. Even after having plenty of dresses, people still look blank at their wardrobe. In such a case, you will start shopping either online or going to some shopping mall. But, how many of them have such an opportunity of living such a luxurious life. Here is the story of a beggar who had saved every single rupee for about 2 years so as to purchase a new dress for his daughter. We can now say that fathers are always the best towards their kids. Read the complete story!

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Beggar Saved Every Single Penny to Purchase his Daughter’s Dress

The name of the beggar is MD. Kawsar Hossain survives his life through begging. He lost his right hand in some accident. In order to survive his family, the only means is to beg and he does the same. One day, he went to a shopping store so as to purchase a dress for his daughter. But, the vendor started shouting at Hossain but he didn’t lose his determination. He started saving enough money for purchasing a dress to his daughter by earning every single penny.

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Here is a picture of the daughter and the father that went viral across the social media. Your heart will definitely melt out of pity after looking at the picture. After spending 2 years by saving the money, Hossain purchased a new dress. When he went to purchase the dress, the seller once again yelled at him as he is a beggar. But, he then said that 10 years back he had never ever thought that he would become a beggar in his life.

Even then, he has the strong determination that he could survive his wife and two children by begging. Every day, Sumaiya, the daughter of Hossain feeds him as he doesn’t have a right hand. He had a great love for his family members and he could do anything and everything for them. Despite capable of educating them, he will send his children to school. He might not afford the examination fee as well. But, he will then tell his children that life is the toughest exam and they are already facing it every day.

Every day, he will take his daughter along with him for begging and place her daughter near the signal. He sometimes feels embarrassed to beg in front of her daughter but his daughter will never leave him single. However, she had finally purchased something new for his daughter that made her smile. Hossain is not a beggar today but a king who bought a precious gift to his princes’s daughter.

Published by Mamatha on 08 Apr 2017

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