Best Indian Bridal Entry Songs that are Must in very Wedding

In every wedding, we usually hear some songs related to marriage. Bridal entry song is one of the best segments during the weddings. There are several songs in various movies wherein we come across different bridal songs. In this post, we have compiled a list of the best Indian Bridal Entry songs that will make the marriage adorable. Have a look!

  1. Afreen Afreen Coke Studio Version (Lyrics when Momina Noor sings)

This is the best ever bridal song that goes on with a classical touch. The lyrics of Momina Noor are simply stunning and perfect for the brides.

  1. Laadli by AR Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar

In this song, both music and poetry come simultaneously. While listening to this song, the lyrics are traditional and placed at right areas.

  1. Karunesh by Punjab

Karunesh is the best song wherein the bridal entry lyrics come at 0.58 seconds. It actually starts with the music and later the lyrics begin with Aao Hazoor tumko. You can simply skip the music part and play from the lyrics.

  1. Din Shagun Da

Vishal Punjabi has composed this bridal entry song Din Shagun Da. The entry track is simply beautiful.

  1. O Re Piya

Raahat Fateh Ali Khan sang this O Re Piya bridal song in an impressive way. People will simply mesmerize listening to this amazing song and its lyrics.

  1. Heer

Heer is another best bridal entry song that has its beauty in the aalap. The words in this Heer song are simply superb.

  1. Kabira Encore

The bridal entry lyrics actually begin from 2.26 minutes. At this place, the girl will sing in an outstanding way.

  1. Mangalyam from Saathiya

The initial part of this Mangalyam song must consider as the beginning of the song.

  1. Jhoom by Ali Zafar

The starting part of this song is quite beautiful and the lyrics in this song are quite impressive.

  1. Raabta Unplugged

Raabta Unplugged is another best romantic and bridal song that suits perfect in the current generation.

  1. Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray sang this Young and Beautiful song wherein the lyrics will remain in your memories. This song is perfect for the entry of brides at the time of engagement.

  1. Chale Le Chal by the Wedding Filmer

This is another best song that continues in a melodious way.


Published by Mamatha on 10 Apr 2017

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