Big Boss Winner Pratham Attempts Suicide On Facebook Live, Alleges Friend For Torturing Him

The winner of Big Boss Kannada season 4 has attempted suicide on April 5 on Facebook Live video.  He was at his residence at Basaveshwar Nagar when he attempted to commit suicide.  He went live on Facebook where he shared after all why he got the thought of committing suicide.

He shared with his followers that he was being tortured by his friend Lokesh.  In the live video on Facebook Pratham said, “I am disturbed a lot due to harassment from Lokesh.  I am not able to bear the torture of Lokesh.  I am yet to receive prize amount from the TV channel but many people are asking me when I am planning to distribute that money to the needy people.”

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He also put blame on the media for publishing false news about him.  At the time of Big Boss Pratham has promised that he would donate all the prize money to the needy.  He said that he was being questioned by the people around time and again about the donation and why he hadn’t stood on his word.

In the live video, he said, “I have received the cheque only now and I do not wish to keep a single penny to myself.” He also showed the cheque and passbooks of his account. He also explained that his friend Lokesh had misused his name, and is even now trying to ruin his reputation.

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Big Boss Winner Pratham Attempts Suicide on Facebook Live

He went on and said, “Anything that I do is being wrongly projected.  Even the status update on the Facebook is being taken in a wrong light.  I cannot take it anymore. This will be my final Facebook Live video and sorry If I have hurt anyone.”

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Before ending the live video, he said, “They are saying that I demanded Rs 60,000 to attend an event organised by an orphanage, which is not true. I never imagined committing suicide in my life, but these people are not letting me lead a peaceful life. At least let my death become a lesson for you all.”

The friends of Pratham who saw him live on Facebook immediately responded and admitted him to a hospital.  He is stable now as per the reports.  While few people were supporting him, few others were calling it a publicity stunt.

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