Blockbuster hit Dangal crossed 450 crore in China, Next target 600 Crores

Brilliant actor “Aamir Khan’s blockbuster film Dangal has been shattered all records in china too. But the astonishing fact is it has been earning more amount of money in china rather than in India. An Indian film to procure more than its local accumulation in an outside nation is another milestone that the film has accomplished. Now the film has achieved 450 crore in Chinese box office.

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According to “IANS in a market heavily dominated by Hollywood, Aamir khan’s film was rare to strike a chord with Chinese audience”. The film is likewise overpowered with the overflow of feeling on general society stages and in the media for the film. We might want to thank our accomplices in China for their endeavors in making “Dangal” available to silver screen beaus crosswise over China.”  Additionally, as of late, China has expanded the quality of Indian movies to be screened from two to four as two joint productions. The share has been expanded to four. Remote movies in China can’t be straightforwardly discharged without the consent of the administration film offices.”

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In almost two weeks of its release, Aamir Khan’s Dangal did a business of $ 6.40 million on Friday, $13.97 million on Saturday, $ 12.72 million on Sunday, $ 4.86 million on Monday and $ 4.92 million on Tuesday, minting a total of $ 65.13 million.

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Dangal is a story of a wrestler who trained his daughters to be wrestling champions. The film has been released in china as SHUAI JIAO BABA, which means LET’S WRESTLE DAD, on May 5. In the previous years, another record-breaking films of Aamir khan have been released- 3 idiots and PK in china. In the fact, PK was the first Bollywood film which achieved more than 100 crores for the first time in china.

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Well, after such an appreciating performance, it has been hoped that Dangal will earn 500 crore mark easily.

Published by Anshul Sharma on 18 May 2017

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