Box Office Verdict: How Reliable Are The Figures And Who Decides Which Movie Is A Hit? Find Out Here!

In today’s world, the fate of a movie is predicted before its release and verdict is served within two days (again, of its release). The self-proclaimed film trade analysts or film pundits flood the social media platforms with so-called collection figures which vary from one trade guru to another.

After the recently-released films- ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’- which were declared grand successes and reportedly entered the 100-cr club, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Jolly LLB 2’ is expected to be another blockbuster.

Now, how reliable are these figures? Where do these numbers come from? And, most importantly, what are the parameters taken into consideration before declaring a film HIT or FLOP.

While talking to an entertainment-based website, Akshaye Rathi, exhibitor and distributor, spills some beans about what happens behind the silver screen and how fair is the number game the whole of Bollywood seems to be going gaga over.

‘Return on investment decides whether the movie is a hit or flop’

The return on investment is the barometer to judge whether a film is hit or flop. For example, if the makers of a film spends 15 Cr on production, publicity and advertising and manages to earn more than that, the film is declared a hit. If the movie fails to earn more than what has been spent, it is a flop film.

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‘Nobody is willing to work with third party companies like Rentrak because they do not want to know the actual figures. They want to create a perception about shit films being hit films’

Rathi feels that a third party like Rentrak or comScore is capable of giving exact figures as far as Box Office collection is concerned but nobody wants to hire them. Why? Because they want their egos to be massaged, project fake numbers on social media and live under the impression that the movies have done more business than they actually have.  Truthfulness takes a back seat when it comes to showing the actual report card!

‘Every fan of a star is discussing on Twitter the collections and what’s authentic and what’s inflated. The figures are for producers’

The distributor is also upset about the fact that everyone is suddenly interested in how much money their favourite star’s movie is making and debating over it. The figures are actually for producers (who invest crores of rupees) and the distributors and exhibitors. What the audience needs to do is enjoy the film and judge it only on the basis of the quality of work. So if a film’s collection is not good, people will not go to watch the film. If the fans love Salman, Akshay and SRK, they should watch the films and not go by the figures that are seldom accurate.

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‘By creating this kind of perception producers are digging their own graves coz they are letting these stars believe that their films are hit, while they are not’

 In order to create hype around their movies the producers blind the audience with fake numbers, which is doing them no good. In fact, they are digging their own graves by tricking these stars into believing that their film is a hit where in reality, it are not. And the more they lie to sell, the bigger amount of money that star gets for signing his next film which he does not even deserve.  This cut-throat competition is not healthy for the film industry and the ones to benefit from this rat race are mediocre stars.

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Published by vaidehi on 17 Feb 2017

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