Childhood favorite Foods that lost their taste totally


It’s very true that change is necessary in life, but should not squeeze the essence of much loved classic foods from the 90s. After all, these foods were our childhood favorites and life could not have been as tasty, colourful, enjoyable and memorable without them. But with change in time, these foods have also been changed. Here are some of them that aren’t the same any more:

Old is no longer Gold.

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There was a time when this refreshing mango drink was an absolute must-have post coming back home from school. But now that the all-new Frooti Fizz has come into the market, it has taken all the limelight away from it. Unfortunately nothing can match up to the original taste.

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  1. Maggi Noodles:

“2mins Ready”-A perfect snack which was loved by all age-groups throughout. But the sudden change got the world to a standstill when Maggie stocks were taken off the market, owing to its failure to meet the quality standards. After all the tests conducted on magi noodles it had survived and returned back, in-return the taste is now no-where close to way back.

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  1. Top Ramen Noodles:

Our substitute for Maggi has also undergone a change in its taste and left us sad thinking what’s going on? The texture of the noodles is different and now the unnecessary new flavors’ like Peri Peri Chicken …aren’t exactly pleasing to the taste buds either.

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4.Swad Candy:

Yummy! These sweets cum sour digestive imli-flavoured candies have also lost their taste now. They are no longer as tasty as they used to be earlier.

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5.Dairy Milk:

The most favorite one! It’s unbelievable as to how Cadbury ruined our forever-favorite chocolate-Dairy Milk by introducing the newer versions like Dairy milk silk, bubblier out of the classic. We all still love the plain Dairy Milk more than its fancier and more improved count erparts.

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6.Kellogg’s Chocos and Corn Flakes:

How can we forget the chocolaty chocos. The only food which we used to ask and eat where mothers didn’t have to run after us to ensure that we get our daily doze of calcium from that glass of the much-hated milk, but the credit goes to the crispy taste-maker bites of the time. We were happy with the old snack; suddenly Kellogg’s had introduced the new sweet fruity loops and strawberry, mango, and banana-flavored corn flakes, where taste was changed once again.

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7.McCain Smiles:

The parties were incomplete without frozen potato smiles from McCain. The deep-fried crispy snack would simply bring a smile on our faces. However, if you plan to buy them now in order to revisit your childhood days, you’d be disappointed with the new and different taste.

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It’s always good to upgrade the items but not for a cost which results change in taste. Food is deeply intimate, what we eat, literally becomes us.

Published by Mamatha on 20 Apr 2017

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