Coca Cola’s New Ad Showing A Saudi Father Teaching His Daughter To Drive Is Winning The Internet

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Times have changed, and brands are now taking charge of society. They are the influencers, and they know it. Whatever they show and sell is definitely going to make a change in our lifestyle. They don’t just sell their product, they create our lifestyle. Who would have thought that Cadbury’s Celebrations would be a mandatory gift on Raksha Bandhan?

Amul never shies away from taking a stand on any debatable topic. And now, Coca-Cola has done something huge. It has dared to make an advertisement showing a Saudi Father teaching his daughter how to drive. The ad was uploaded on YouTube by Coca-Cola Middle East with the tagline, “Change has a taste.”

image source: YouTube

Though, it is saddening to see how a leading brand has to show the rights and freedom a woman deserves in the 21st century. But we are happy with this little step towards the change.

Watch the ad which is winning the Internet:

As expected, people are divided on it.

There are people who find this advertisement against Islam. Here are some demeaning comments:

“She is gorgeous! To whom do I speak about buying her?”

“oh boy you may regret this. women drivers!’

“Seriously Coke?’


“fatwah haram”

While there are people who find nothing wrong with this ad and instead find this cute. People write,

There is nothing ISLAMIC WISE WRONG for women driving. I am Muslim my wife, my sister all drives !!!!!! But the problem is some scientist claim that driving long time for women create some problem inside their stomach but still it has nothing to do with Islam. Happy to see Saudi allowed women drive bit late but still awesome.”

“Nothing wrong with this ad? I think this ad is cute and beautiful, its sad how its taking these places so long progress and give rites to women. People are just desperate to find something wrong with everything, the aim is for the girl to drive steady enough to not spill the drink – and of course its going to be a coke and of course they’re going to have product placement, coca cola made the ad!! It makes sense.”

“It is actually really sad that we have to celebrate that women are allowed to drive in the 21st century. Its progress, but incredibly sad how a few Muslim countries stuck in the middle ages.”

Well, what do you say?


Published by Kanika Saini on 10 Nov 2017

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