This Collector Ditched Private School, Admits Daughter In Govt. School. Read Why.

Do you remember this may’s Hindi release ‘Hindi Medium’  featuring Irfan Khan that gave out a loud message  to all those parents who avoid sending their kids to government school and instead prefer private institutions after paying huge amount in fees. Because higher the fees, higher is the status.

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In the film ‘Hindi Medium’, Irfan finally learnt his lesson and eventually sent his daughter to government school. You would now say that it is just a movie, and no rich person would do that in real life.

Well, a District collector from Chattisgarh is proving us wrong by getting his 5 year old daughter admitted in a government school.

Avnish Kumar is Balrampur District collector who has opted for Government Pragya Primary School of the District Headquarters for the primary level education of his daughter.

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This is not the first time he has done something like this. Before this, he had sent his daughter to the Aanganwadi school for studies.

This act of Avnish is a message for the parents who think that wasting their hard earned money in private schools in logical.

This step has also brought much needed attention to government schools. Now when the children of higher officials will study in government schools, their condition and level of education will eventually get better.

We appreciate this step of Avnish and hope that people would follow his footsteps.

Published by Kanika Saini on 06 Jul 2017

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