Here’s How Comedians Have Reacted To The Introduction Of GST

The Government Of India had recently announced a major tax reform in the parliament with an aim to improve the taxation system in the country. The reform has come into force since today, that is, on July 1. The reform will be highly beneficial in centralizing taxes across the country.

The reform has got mixed reactions from the public. While some are appreciating the new reform, many are against it. It is also said that GST will make online shopping expensive. Apart from the happy and angry reactions, there are also people who have given a humorous angle to the reform.

Our comedians have made twitter go crazy with their witty take on GST.

Have a look yourself:

1- He has got his life sorted:

2- There’s no going back now:

3- Let’s have a Twitter contest:

4- Now that’s the real issue:

5- Because everybody looks for hookups with smart people:

Published by Kanika Saini on 01 Jul 2017

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