Dekhne me kya harz hai ? This is the video you need to watch on this women’s day!

In India, once the girl completes her graduation or completes her 22-23 years, everyone will start asking her only one thing and that is WHEN WILL YOU GET MARRIED?

   This is something very common nowadays to listen. From her parents to her relatives who didn’t exist from last few years and made their debut in her life just now will be too curious to know about her relationship status.

 And even her parents start getting worried about her marriage. They start pressurizing her to get married and settle down. And this is something really common to hear. Isn’t it?

 But what if I tell you about a story which is totally different and an inspiration to all. Yes, a girl,31 year old girl didn’t want to get married. And obviously it’s a big deal for her parents!

And the way he chose to make her say yes is really what you need to see this women’s day.

Instead of pressurizing her, they calmly did something after which their daughter said yes without any problem.

  Please take a look and share your views over it.

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By: vaidehi
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