Did You Know That Being Lazy Is Actually An Indication of High Intelligence?

Are you lazy? Then, you don’t have to worry about it as you have high intelligence. Yes, it is true!! Don’t believe me? Just give a read at the below post. Finally, the scientists have confirmed that laziness is an indication of enhancing intelligence. Most of the people feel quite sluggish in some situations. In general, people consider about such people as dumb and dull. But, in actual sense, such people who are lazy and lethargic have much more intelligence than normal people. If you are pretty lazy to go for gym, then there might be a legitimate reason behind your evasion.

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As per the new research from some scientists, people who have much intelligence will spend their time reposing around than their physical pals. A US based study or research has come up in support with this theory. The actual theory states that the folks who have greater IQ will never feel jaded so easily. They usually feel happy so as to spend most of their time in thinking about one or the other thing. In this post, you can learn much more about the theory of being lazy is an indication of great intelligence. Have a look!

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Theory on Laziness & Intelligence

People who have less intelligence require much inspiration and encouragement from both physical and external activity so as to stave off their boredom. Some of the scientists from Florida Gulf Coast University has planned to re-kindle a 30 year old test namely ‘the need for cognition’ in order to check out the response of the students to various situations. In the quiz, they selected some of the participants so as to evaluate their decision with some statements. They also challenged the capabilities of the people who took part in the quiz. Also, they have evaluated the need of thinking for an individual in their day to day life.

The statements of some participants are like they enjoy some tasks comprising of solutions and problems. After that, they have picked up some thinkers and non-thinkers. They have tested them for about a week regarding their activity levels. Then, they have found some interesting facts in the survey. They found that the thinkers are extremely less active compared to the non-thinkers. Being lazy makes a man intelligent. But, if people enhance their laziness it will ultimately show some bad impacts on the health of people.

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