Did You Know The History Behind These 7 Well-Known Symbols?

There are various symbols that we come across around us on daily basis each with a different meaning. There are many that we use on daily basis as well but have you ever wondered if the meaning that you are showing is right? What’s the meaning behind these symbols? The origin of these symbols? Going through some old and hidden stories of some of the symbols, we bring you seven signs with the unknown stories attached to them.

  1. Shape of Heart


Heart symbol doesn’t mean love. The shape that we draw on the paper is not exactly what it looks like. There several stories behind:

  • The heart symbol depicts the shape of the female pelvis. There is a saying that the symbol originally originated from the feminine shape.
  • In Greek mythology, the ivy leaves portrayed by Dionysus- the god of winemaking and patron of love and passion. The theory says the symbol of the heart represents the shape of an ivy leaf.
  • When swans come together in the lake, we seem them give a peck like in the movies, the shape merge in the heart symbol. In different cultures, swans depict loyalty, devotion and love.

The symbol is a combination of two Scandinavian runes: “Hagall” (or “Hagalaz”) which is the analogue of the Latin “H,” and “Bjarkan” – a rune that equals the Latin letter “B.” Bluetooth service lets two devices connect and share.

  • There is a famous story of a historical figure, King Harald Blatand who was famous for uniting tribes of Danish into his kingdom. He was called Bluetooth because of his love for blueberries and the permanent blue tint on one of his teeth.

The symbol of ON is found on almost all the electric symbol.

  • The story goes back to the age of binary numbers in 1940 when the engineers used the binary system for representing the switches with ONE means on and O means off
  • The decade transformed into a sign a circle (zero) and a single verticle line (one)



The Ampersand symbol represents the Latin conjunction “et” which equals the word “and.”

  • This link goes back to the Ancient Rome where Tiro invented a system of abbreviations to speed up writing which became known as the “Tironian Notes. “Later these notes became famous in America and Europe.


The medical symbol has a lot of theories attached. It has a staff, wings and two snakes.

  • The legends say that the Greek god Hermes aka Mercury possessed a magic staff.  The Caduceus had the power to stop any disputes between enemies, but it had nothing to do with medicine.


One of the most commonly seen symbols is the OK sign.

  • The earliest theory goes to the time of U.S. President, Martin Van Buren and the birthplace “Old Kinderhook, NY.” During his election campaign, he adopted an alias from his hometown’s name O.K. and the posters were printed in the sign of “OK” gesture.
  • According to Buddhism and Hinduism, this is one of mudra sign.

Going back to 1958 during the protests against the use of nuclear weapons, the symbol is a combination of “N” and “D,” that stands for “Nuclear Disarmament.”

Published by vaidehi on 04 Feb 2017

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