Doklam standoff: Indian Army will issue a two-month prior operation alert

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India’s ongoing standoff with China has led Indian army increase the number of troops alongside the China borders in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

Also, because of the increasing heat at the border, the exercise or the operation, which was to be conducted by the Indian Army, will now be conducted in August itself. Hence, Indian Army will issue a two-moths prior operation alert, stated a report.

The operation alert will lead to Indian Army proceeding from ground towards the altitude in order to adapt the weather conditions and other difficulties over there. The altitude approximately measures as 15 thousand feet.

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As recently, the news reports stated that China has increased the number of military at the border, Indian Army is too getting alert for the operation.

The border, where the two armies are standing facing each other is at an altitude of 10,000 feet. At a distance of approximately 100 to 150 feet, 350 soldiers of the two countries are fronting each other.

Although, so far there is no occurrence of an unusual incident from China side, the Indian Army doesn’t want to lose the grip on preparations.

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Doklam is a place where every kind of help including soldiers and arms can be easily made available. China is continuous on giving threats to the Indian Army.

Meanwhile, if we take a look on the media reports of China, the countdown of war has begun between the two countries.  Though Army has not given any official statement on this, it is being said that even roads and factories have been closed and villages are being vacated in those areas.

Also, China is waiting that Indian gives an aggressive statement and they will then take an action on the border. It is also not sure that weather or not the Border Personal Meeting on 15 August will take place this time.

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The ministry said, “India should withdraw its troops and equipment. Regardless of how many Indian troops have trespassed into and stayed in Chinese territory, they have gravely infringed on China’s sovereignty.”

Director at the Centre on China-American Defence Relations of the Academy of Military Science, Xiaozhou stated, “We hope for the best but we the Chinese government and the military do not have any room to make any compromise on the matter. So for the well-being of the two peoples and the amity of the two countries, India must withdraw unconditionally.”

Published by Mamatha on 12 Aug 2017

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