Ever Wondered How Michael Jackson Would Have Looked If He Never Went Under The Knife?

When it comes to great music and legendary dance steps, the name of Michael Jackson would always remain fresh in the hearts of people. The contribution that he gave to the world of music and dance is just commendable and dance developed a lot during his era. But, as the world knows, he underwent major operations which made him look way different than what he was in his childhood and adulthood. He had his own problems and circumstances because of which he went on to change the way he looked.

People do really give a thought as to how he would have looked if he had not undergone any kind of surgery or operation. The concept is itself interesting to find out how he would have looked at the age of 50 years. Let us give a thought of his looks back then without the operation:

1. In the year 1960’s when he was a young boy

2. In the era of 1970’s when he was growing into a teenager

3. In the year 1980

4. In the year 1983-1985 as a young man

5. In the year 1988 of his fame and popularity

6. In the year 1991 when he started with his famous dance steps

7. In the year 1995-1996 when he became the idol of Dance

8. In the year 2005

9. Now, if the operation had not been done, how he would have looked in the year 2009, the year when he died!

Published by vaidehi on 02 Feb 2017

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