Facts Which Justify ‘Spoilt Brat’ Term For Barron Trump

Barron Trump being a kid of a successful businessman and now American President, Donald Trump, and a supermodel, Melania, grew in all the luxuries. Now, this kid is all set to step in The White House. Here are the facts to prove that this Trump kid is a spoilt brat.

  1. Owning up a part of Manhattan’s most expensive real estate

Barron owns a whole floor in Trump Tower which is one of the most expensive buildings in the city of Manhattan.

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  1. Love for aircraft

This little kid owns a lot of toy helicopters as they seem to fascinate him.

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  1. Real size replicas

This spoilt brat is having all the real sizes of animal replicas to play with.

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  1. Golden pram

He got all of this luxuries from the beginning. He had a golden pram for him when he was an infant.

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  1. Bullying nature

The former butler of Trump family revealed that the little trump was dominating in nature since his birth.

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  1. Cosmetics

Melania admitted that there are times when she coated Barron with her Caviar Complex C6 Moisturiser which costs around $150 for a small amount of the moisturizer.

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  1. Schooling of Barron

Barron’s per year school cost is $45,000. He is a student of Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan.

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  1. He is having a twitter account

Barron already got his twitter handle so that he doesn’t need to add any other word for his twitter handle. @BarronTrump already got 4,584 followers despite not using his twitter account.

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  1. A replica of Mercedes

He is having an exact copy of Mercedes to drive on the penthouse of the Trump Tower. The replica is having a custom number plate of ‘BARRON’.

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  1. Golf is one of his favorite hobbies

He is fond of playing golf with his father on their own golf courses.

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Published by vaidehi on 01 Feb 2017

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