Few unanswered questions by Baahubali 2!

With the release of the first part of the blockbuster film Baahubali- the beginning, people got so much involved in the movie that they could not wait to know why Kattappa did killed Baahubali.  Soon, this question has become the nation’s question where people went so curious to know to actually why Kattappa killed Baahubali. This answer was cleared with the release of its Part 2 version of the Baahubali where people now know to why do Kattappa Kill Baahubali. People with this curiosity had watched the second part where the team has disclosed the secret which was guarded and plagued by the same question popping up in every interaction made when it comes to talking about Baahubali.

Though, finally the mystery is solved in the part 2 version, people have few other unanswered questions in their minds which was not addressed by the director SS Rajamouli in the film. Have a view on the few questions rinsed after watching the part 2.

  • Who was Bhallaladeva’s wife? In the Part 1, Baahubali sends Bhallaladeva’s son Bandra head flying in the air but none of us know about his wife of the character played by Rana Daggubatti. People thought that they will get to know about it in the part 2 but they still remain clueless with their answers have a question mark.
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  • What is Avantika story? Avantika has put in herself from any sort of distraction in the film and was seen only focused on her goal to free the shackled Devasena. But what kept her motivate throughout and she was ready to give away her life if needed. What was her story and why did she have such a goal in her life remained unanswered in the Baahubali 2.
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  • Why people of Mahishmati meekly accept Bhalladeva tyranny without putting up any fight? Yet this question popped up in head after watching the Baahubali 2 where there were no answers figured out. After the Amarinder Baahubali was killed, the people of the Mahishmati would not keep calm and go for revolt. But, when the wife of Baahubali, Devasena has opened the chain and tortured the public view, they went calm and they also accepted the Bhallaladeva’s tyranny without putting up a fight and why they did so had no answers coming out as the director did not show us the reason in the part 2.
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Published by Mamatha on 02 May 2017

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