Finalist Puneesh Sharma reveals the contestant name who will win the show

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In the finale week of Bigg Boss season 11, a city named Vikas is running in the house. Vikas is the new dictator of the House and gives task to all other contestant. Puneesh, Shilpa and Hina are worker for Vikas in the city.

Vikas has consistently given weird task to Hina and Shilpa Shinde. Gupta asks Hina to destroy his bracelet that is very precious to him and to destroy a cushion with his mother’s picture on it by stepping on it.

While Puneesh Sharma tries to stop Vikas, he does what he thinks is right. Hina is also quite stubborn that she will not hit the buzzer and does all the tasks grudgingly.

For your information, this task is over for Puneesh, while Hina and Shilpa are still facing the task. During this task Puneesh said something which proved that Vikas is going to win the show.

Puneesh said “Vikas you will win the show, as in previous season Gautam Gulati was the dictator during the task and won the show. I can write this on stamp paper.

Vikas responded, “ it is nothing like this”. But these words from the finalist signs, Vikas to win the show.

Bigg Boss finale is on Sunday, we will keep updating you.

Published by Ashish Mishra on 13 Jan 2018

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