First Blind Standup Comedian Nidhi Goyal Hilariously Shares Her Experiences

We have heard of several stand –up comedians and enjoyed the comedy many times. Some of them are so popular in the form of TV shows that we do not miss a chance to watch them. Have you ever heard of a comedian who is visually impaired or blind and is still laughing at life’s experiences? Here is exactly what is showing – a visually impaired stand-up comedian called Nidhi Goyal. She has previously worked for the rights of disabled people at the national level as well as the international level. She has done everything that a normal person can do great education, good life, supportive family, great house, etc.

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In a hilarious way the unique stand-up comedian has highlighted the way people look at the blind or other disabled people. The Prime Minister of India once said that “the only disability in life is a bad attitude.” True to his words this lady has showed how she has overcome all the tough situations in her life by being happy. Being visually impaired did not stop her from opening the eyes of the world to popular beliefs on ‘the blind’ or disabled people. Now she has taken to sharing this happiness to the world through her stand-up comedy.

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She never intended to become a comedian in the first place. Her friends liked the way she narrates her personal experiences. Her fellow activist and friend Pramod Menon was highly impressed by the way she narrated her personal experiences. All the time that was given to her was just six months or half a year to keep ready the performance. So she sat down, penned down all of her experiences that she remembered and felt were hilarious. These include a collage of her personal experiences at social functions, the census board, and other flawed beliefs, Google maps and so on.

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Aditi Mittal is a famous standup comedian. So this popular standup comedian introduced her to the world of comedy in her series called ‘Bad Girls.’ The very first video was a great hit and received more than 500,000 views on YouTube. The video with her narration is quite inspirational too. It is amazing to know the humourous side of a visually impaired girl called Nidhi Goyal. The comedian has made people laugh to their hearts content despite her disability which is truly encouraging.

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