Former Bus Driver Transformed a Mobility Scooter into an Adorable Mini Double Decker Bus

Have you ever got a chance to see a Toy look alike vehicle moving on the road? I wish I would have got such priceless moment to live up. However, people of Bournemouth are fortunate to see a Toy look alike Bus on their road which they could ride for their regular transportation.

People actually got surprised to see the small bus transportation moving on the road and asked for a ride. However, they remained confused unless they got to know that it actually is a miniature and creation of a passionate Bus Driver.

Mr. Keith Burbidge, A retired Bus driver is a man who made this possible. He brought his visualization in reality. Spending just a £40 he became the second owner of an old yellow color Buggy. This marvelous creation is the result of his tremendous effort of six months.

Keith has designed his creation in tune with the Yellow Bus of the Bournemouth Corporation Bus Company of the city. When this miniature moves on the road of the city people get amused as well as confused that is this a new kind of Bus the Corporation has launched for City Transportation. Though the seating capacity of the newly formed Bus is only two and the maximum speed limit is 5mph. The dimension of the miniature is only 6 ft to 4 ft.

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Mr. Burbidge’s introduction of two true transport seats were those which he rescued30 years back, alongside Perspex windows and a carefully assembled goal board. The father of two, who rides around town with spouse Carol, 71, said ‘I spent about seven days tinkering with it and made them go again however they look so exhausting, I thought it would be amusing to give it an update.

‘I cut it down the middle to make it longer and utilized anything I could discover to build the transport – bits of old promoting board, metal tubing – so it didn’t generally cost me anything.

He included that he doesn’t generally take it out and about, saying: ‘I don’t know of the legalities so I adhere to the asphalts. The wife Carol adores it, she drives it excessively … It’s a tad of fun truly.’

‘The vast majority are very astounded when they see it yet they appear to truly like it.

Mr. Burbidge; who besides all his fascination to the bus driving is a potter too. He has limited his fascination to the morning and evening only whereas his other profession of ceramics creation gets his attention in the daytime. Hats off to the retiree’s visualization and creativity.

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