From Maid To Top Author, Baby Halder Attained Big Success On Her Own

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Growing up in the city of Durgapur, West Bengal, a girl named Baby had witnessed a dreadful life. Her mom left her when Baby was 4 years old. When she turned 12, she got hitched to a person who was 27. She got raped on their first night.

After going through such pain and abuse filled life with her hubby, the 25-year-old Baby lastly got guts and left her husband’s place along with her two children. She went to the national capital where she commenced working as a domestic help at the residence of Prabodh Kumar, a retired anthropology lecturer and the grandkid of renowned Hindi writer Premchand.

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Working there, she got a lot of chances to excel. Prabodh Kumar was really happy to witness a maidservant taking interest in books. He supported her to comprehend and offered her a book by Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen.

Once she was reading, Prabodh offered her a notepad and encouraged her to pen down her own tale. Nervous in the beginning, Baby, who did 7 classes, started writing her own life and thinking which she hadn’t shared with any person. A maidservant during the day and a writer by the night, Baby showcased all her hard work.

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“I was nervous when I held the pen in my fingers. I had not written anything since my school days. But when I started writing, words began to flow effortlessly. In fact, writing turned out to be a cathartic experience,” she stated.

Prabodh Kumar was full of tears when he read her first copy and compared it to Anne Frank’s The Diary of A Young Girl. He started translating her life history in Hindi. Kumar also shared her book with his friends and acquaintances, who began sending her letters of appreciation.

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In the interim, her counsellor arranged for the publication of her book. When she first witnessed the printed hard copy of her book, Baby couldn’t believe the triumph she had attained.

In the year 2002, Baby Halder’s initial book Aalo Aandhari, indicating Darkness and Light got rolled out. During the same year 2002, the book got released in English titled A Life Less Ordinary: A Memoir. At the present time, Baby Halder was a well-known name in the fictional world.

Published by Mamatha on 15 May 2018

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