Gajodhar Calls An Ambulance Operator

Posted on December 5, 2015 at 9:55 AM

Gajodhar Calls An Ambulance Operator
Gajodhar  calls an ambulance operator and says- send an ambulance quickly,
my friend is got injured  by a large vehicle.
His nose is bleeding. Maybe even his leg is broken and he is not  moving his hand.
Operator: What place are you.. please tell me.
Gajodhar: wait a minute, let me ask. After asking someone he said Rajbadha Road.
Operator: is some confusion, please tell you the spelling of Rajbadha?
(Next, no sound)
Operator: Sir, are you there…is coming my voice..?
(Still no sound came from the other side.)
Operator: Sir, please, answer me, so that we can help you immediately.
Gajodhar: so sorry I did not know the spell of Rajbadha, so I dragged my friend and brought him on MG Road.
so now you can write spelling of M.G. ROAD. Now please send the ambulance.

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