Heartbroken Father Plants Last Kiss On His Little Girl Who Was Killed By Her Mother and Her Boyfriend

The world has progressed so much.  Not just in terms of the technology, but also in terms of relationships.  Though the progression in technology can be considered as good, the progression in relationships can never be considered so.  The reason is because the relationships are no longer as hearty and as beautiful as in the past.

We now blame the current generations for not being serious about the relations, but what we stood still about for ages is the unconditional love of a mother.  She leaves no stones unturned to protect her child, but have you ever seen a mother who kills his own blood?  Yes!  There is one such mother who killed her own little daughter.

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Here is the odd story of a family where the mother mercilessly killed her own daughter.

An image was shared by Daily Mail of a little girl being wrapped in bandages where the father is kissing his daughter.  The picture depicts a lot.  The father is totally heartbroken and was seen kissing his daughter.  The most beautiful relation in the world is definitely between a father and a daughter.

Mother Beats daughter to death in Slovenia

Today’s story is from Slovenia.  The story is about a daughter and her loving father.   The picture shows Senad Kardasevic and his daughter Arina.  The kiss that the father has planted on his daughter is not because he wants her to heal as early as possible, but it is a farewell kiss.

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Everything happened just so suddenly.  Exactly 48 hours before everything was fine and alright.  Little did Senad know that those were their last moments together, for their lives were about to turn worse.  Actually, Senad and his wife were divorced and she was living with her boyfriend, Mirzan Jakupi along with her daughter Arina.

When Senad was on his way to receive his daughter, he got a call in which he was informed that Arina was admitted in ICU.  He rushed to the hospital just to find his little daughter wrapped in bandages.  The couple with whom the little girl was staying said that she ran into the radiator and was got hurt badly because of that.

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When investigated, it was found that the injuries were not because of the claimed radiator, but because of the mother and her lover who hit the girl badly.  The girl suffered great injuries and could not make it to life.  She took her last breath in the hospital and the hospital staff informed the police about the same.

The mother and her boyfriend were charged with murder case on allegedly killed the little girl.

Published by Mamatha on 21 Apr 2017

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