How These Actresses Alia and Diana Made Ranveer Singh a Fool is Quite Hilarious!

When two girls meet each other, the guy between them will ultimately become a bakara. The two gorgeous actresses Alia Bhatt and Diana Penty from Bollywood appeared in a new ad on MakeMyTrip alongside Ranveer Singh. These two actresses started making him fool and that eventually made all the viewers laugh after seeing the situation of Ranveer Singh. The actresses allegedly ragged the actor Ranveer Singh on this ad. Just watch the video provided below that leaves you roll on the floor laughing. Have a glimpse!

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Funny Video: Diana & Alia Rags Ranveer on TVC

In the recent times, Diana Penty, Alia Bhatt took part in a Television commercial wherein the two girls started ragging Ranveer Singh. The final outcome is extremely witty. On this audio visual advertisement, these three actors appear in an office set up. Both the actresses Alia and Diana will start guessing about the place of Ranveer Singh. In order to find out the answer of this puzzle, Alia makes call to Ranveer Singh.

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He played the role of an exemplary client who actually travels only in business class and often stays in an expensive five star hotel. Alia will then start making him a fool by saying that there are some amazing deals offered by different travel agencies. After looking at the best deals, Ranveer Singh becomes quite astonished and says ‘bhains ki aankh’. Immediately, Alia Bhatt will turns out towards Diana and says ‘Delhi’.

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This video from TVC is a visual treat for all the viewers who had already allured at the harmony of Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh. They have allegedly shared this video as a TVC for MakeMyTrip. Diana also joined the actress Alia Bhatt in order to add some more fun to the entertaining video. This video between Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh and Diana Penty appears quite similar to the chutney sequence from the film 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan.

This video is extremely funny and makes everyone launch at the performance of the actors in the video. This is the fourth time wherein we have seen Alia and Ranveer in various commercials together for the same brand MakeMyTrip. The onscreen friendship of these two actors will make all the fans quite exhilarating and exciting. Currently, Alia Bhatt is on a short break from acting in movies after the massive hit of Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Published by Mamatha on 13 Apr 2017

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