Hrithik Roshan purchased an apartment for his ex wife suzanne khan -fulfills responsibility of a husband and father

Sussanne khan and Hrithik Roshan has been the most stunning couple seen in the Bollywood industry. Even after their separation, their bond and friendship are being appreciated by all. They had divorced in 2014 but still in the parties, screenings, and vacations, Hrithik and Susanne have spotted together from the past two years.

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Hrithik once said that “I don’t think I can have any relationship in my life which is not peaceful. I need all my equations to be harmonious. If I feel that I am not adding growth to a person or that person is not adding growth to me, the whole exercise is pointless.”

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According to a report, Hrithik recently purchased a rich apartment for Sussanne in Juhu which is nearly 15 minutes from his home. Notwithstanding the separation, Sussanne and their children- Hrehaan and Hridhan have been a priority for him.


The report additionally uncovers that Sussanne has been remaining in a leased flat with her two children as far back as her part with Hrithik. In any case, now she will soon move into her new address.


Published by Anshul Sharma on 20 May 2017

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