Incredible! How People at Indira Gandhi International Airport Reacted after seeing Indian Soldiers will make you proud!

When we come across soldiers in the public, we truly see at them with thankful heart. Whenever we see Jawans in US, UK and other countries, we definitely clap at them in order to admire them for their bravery and courage. The same situation took place in India in the recent times. The sacrifices and contribution they give away in order to save the people and our country has finally paid off. They have received the best admiration for their sacrifices in their life.

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It is the gift given by the soldiers to all the people in the country who protects the entire nation. They always take the responsibility of protecting our life every moment. If we are leading such a luxurious and tension-free life then they are the reason for our happiness. At each and every single second, soldiers will protect our country as well as the people. It couldn’t be possible for Indians to pay back all their sacrifices but at least we can appreciate them for their contributions.

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Warm Welcome to Indian Soldiers at Airport

In the recent times, we have witnessed great applause and admiration for soldiers at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in India. All the people at the airport have started cheering up and put their hands together to all the soldiers. That amazing site will make you even more proud and happy to see them that way. We can see that the people in the airport have started clapping at them on their way going out of the airport.

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The staff and personnel at the Indira Gandhi International airport have warmly welcomed all the Indian soldiers after their great achievement. Previously, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had wished that all the people must show their respect towards the Indian soldiers. During a speech during the inauguration of Shaurya Smarak state war memorial that took place in Bhopal, Modi had shared his experience that people at different transportation services will give standing ovation to the soldiers showing their respect.

Following the words of Modi, the airport personnel from the airport has clapped spontaneously soon after seeing Indian Army Soldiers passing through the way. This took place at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 3 AM early in the morning in Delhi. Check out the video featuring great sight.

Indian Army Soldiers received a warm welcome at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Posted by Kashmiri Pandits- Hindus on Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Published by Mamatha on 19 Apr 2017

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