India to be in major test for Apple! Know more to this!

India has become a big place for all the growing technology output and we see that many American Companies are coming to India to recreate and replace with their China experience. India has a huge market when it comes to smartphones and the grip towards the profitability also seems to slip from China and turn towards India. As we all know that the Apple company had come up with the trail run of the first ever iPhones assembled in India, a small number of the IPhone SE. now, the latest news we bring to you is that the iPhone SE phone is made available in India for sale at lower priced.

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The Indian market has fast growing economy along with the GDP where there is 1.2 billion population making the consumer market get the hunger of foreign businesses.  The CEO of GMM Nonstick Coatings that manufactures of some of the largest global kitchenware firms says that India is not easy.  Though it might look to be but it’s actually not. The market in India is wide spread and has huge impact when it comes to sales and distribution.

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The global forces in India require more of the companies to seek out the new and the low cost manufacturing locals and there will only have an option to deal with it anyhow. To deeply root the corruption the obtaining licenses of the business is facing approval delays and needs for paying donations.  Ravin Gandhi the CEO says,” “Many American companies fail in India because they’re afraid to get on a plane and get their hands dirty. If you have a bad attitude going in, you’ve already lost the battle,” he said. “Success overseas takes persistence and unrelenting drive. … Like most aspects of business, setting up an Indian operation is messy and can be very hard.”

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Similarly, Tim Cook had made a prominence at the Apple as a result of the logistical genius and this will further be tested in India which will also improve the infrastructure and keep pace with economic growth. The India is a country which struggles in terms of the infrastructure required and needs to be upgraded in all aspects. Most of the companies fail in their attempt as they do not give importance to the logistical aspect and get along with the developmental supported needed.

Published by Mamatha on 19 May 2017

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