Breaking Stereotypes: This Daughter helped her Widow Mother to find Love again

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In a move that is perhaps unthinkable for most children, she decided to find a partner for her widowed mother herself.

Sanhita Agarwal, a young lady from Jaipur, stood up for the happiness of her widowed mother and despite the opposition from family and society, helped get married again.

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A daughter proved that the love she bears for her mother is unparalleled when she helped her widowed mother remarry despite facing criticism from society and her family members.

Sanhita Agarwal, from Jaipur, recently got her 53-year-old mother Geeta Agarwal married to 55-year-old KG Gupta, a father of two sons.

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Geeta Agarwal mother of Sanhita Agarwal lost her husband to cardiac arrest on May 2016. Her condition worsened when her younger daughter Sanhita moved to Gurgaon for her job. She soon went into depression and her health got worse following Sanhita’s move to Gurugram to pursue her career.

Sanhit felt bad about having to leave her mother alone and began to find out ways she could get her mother’s smile back.

So without asking for her permission, she set a profile for her on matrimonial site. In September 2017, she finally told her mother what she was up to. Geeta Agarwal was apprehensive about the idea. So was her family and her elder daughter Sakshi.

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It was during one of these moments that she found KG Gupta, who lost his wife to cancer in 2010.

The 55-year-old revenue inspector from Banswara, Rajasthan. He lost his wife to cancer in 2010. His colleague had created his profile and contacted Sanhita about the matchmaking.

According to the report, Sanhita felt that  Gupta, father of two sons, was the ideal match for her mother. Especially after he stayed by side of her mother when she underwent a hysterectomy surgery in November.

The couple got married in December. Sanhita told that she is happy to see her mother smile again. “She has started looking pretty again.”

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Thus, even as Sanhita’s mum and elder sister Sakshi were initially apprehensive, they soon realised Gupta was an ideal match when he took care of Geeta while she was unwell in November 2017. Sanhita got her mother remarried in December 2017.






Published by Aditi Upadhyay on 14 Jan 2018

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