Israeli PM Netanyahu is Inspired By THIS INDIAN To Do Yoga.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in news these days because of our prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel.

Narendra Modi is currently on a 3 day visit to Israel which started on Tuesday. Namo is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. His historic visit would mark 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic ties between New Delhi and Jerusalem.

On Tuesday, PM Netayahu revealed that an Indian has inspired him to do Yoga. And its none other than Narendra Modi. He is amazed by Modi’s enthusiasm for yoga and cited yogic asanas to link the two flourishing democracies of the world.

He said,  “I have to confess that I have been inspired by Modi’s enthusiasm for Yoga. Modi advised me to start at lower level. I am starting at a lower level. When I do a relaxing Tada-asana in the morning and I turn my head to right, India is the first democracy I see and when Modi does a relaxing Vasisthasana and he turns left, Israel is the first democracy he can see. So, in fact we have India and Israel – two sister democracies.”

The vision about PM Modi’s tour to Israel is to strengthen  our societies; to establish a  strong partnership; and to fight the common problem of terrorism together.

PM Modi said, “We have to secure our societies against the common threat of terrorism.”

He has already met the military officials of Israel and is keen to meet the Indian commuinity living in Israel.

PM Modi got a warm welcome by Israeli PM and the citizens who love India and admire its history and culture (yoga being one of it).

Both the nations are looking forward for a strong partnership.



Published by Kanika Saini on 05 Jul 2017

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