Kaabil – A Blind Game Winner.

Sanjay Gupta though repetitive in his execution; it is Hrithik alone that makes
Kaabil “Kaabil” – worth a dekho.
It is a simple revenge story set in the current era yet the execution is what you have seen from 70’s of the Bollywood. Rohit Roy plays Prem Chopra and Ronit Roy plays Pran. Plus the revived item song makes your belief true of being in 70’s of Bollywood.
Kaabil doesn’t really offer anything new; but if we go by the Bollywood trend these days there are hardly handful of directors who offer anything new. Sanjay Gupta is definitely not one of them.
Roy does what Prem Chopra & Ranjeet use to do full-time in Bollywood. Yami plays the poor girl who is the victim of the moment.
Highly confident Hrithik breaks down feeling helpless, by now they succeed to connect with you emotionally which was a must for a film to work and it works. Yami gives up, Hrithik challenges the system calling for an interval.
Ronit Roy is the Big Bad guy – the Pran, elder brother to the menace Rohit Roy who succeeds to impress though the expectations were high from Ronit Roy. He uses Marathi language attributes in his language, his dialogue delivery style reminds you of Ranveer Singh, a bad distraction to your mind. Nevertheless, it is the plot and blindness that works. Hrithik’s sheer performance makes Kaabil worth a dekho.
Music is average and no song stays with you while you step out of the film. The item song is enforced giving it a Sanjay Gupta touch. Action is also just out of any Sanjay Gupta’s film. You hardly get to see anything new. The blind game of Aankhen was far better a challenge to your intellect to believe what Blind Men can do. Kaabil is a one-man show riding high on emotional content yet it is believable the last stroke too is anticipated yet brilliant.
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Published by vaidehi on 25 Jan 2017

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